We offer comprehensive range of study design service and construction decoration project management and construction styling. Our team have been established and staffed with knowledgeable staff i.e. interior designers, mechanics, project uniager people who have over than 15 years of experience in the sector of interior design as they worked to various projects of renovations, decorations of offices, restaurants, malls, airports, banks, stores/shops, houses etc.

Eurofast Design & Construction Team offer services of project management of high specifications perfectly tailored to the requirements of each project. The project managers of Eurofast Design & Construction Team monitor the projects at every stage of their development, prepare the work program and supervision and establish financial goals and project completion.

Both the Consulting Group and Technicians of Eurofast Design & Construction Team are offering comprehensive studies and construction services, i.e. static studies electrical and mechanical constructions, with excellent compliance, quality and safety standards. Moreover, they have the responsibility for carrying out formalities.

The workshops of Eurofast Design & Construction Team are specialized in the renovation of its high technical specifications and for the best desired piece of any construction project.

About Us

Meet Eurofast Design and Construction Team

The human resource of Eurofast Design consists of young people with high scientific background and endless creative mood, studies at high standard Universities of Greece, Europe and other countries with experience to big projects reciprocating accomplishing them at the best possible way. A special characteristic of our company is the mutual communication and coordination with the building sites, the architectures and the mechanicals. We always take under consideration the clients’ best interest for the best possible result for both the building and the financial part. Our experience all these years gives us the ability to stand out at the market with professionalism.

Recent Works

If you want to renovate your space or create something new, we are here to implement your plans!